Who We Are


The grant leadership structure reflects collaboration and partnership with diverse California Indian tribal nations and peoples who have been impacted by the history of the missions. The CMS Coordinating Committee is composed of the 4 UC Faculty Principal Investigators and 4 California Indian Research Partners. The Coordinating Committee receives guidance from the Advisory Board.

Principal Investigators

Charlene Villaseñor-Black (UCLA)


Renya Ramírez (UCSC) (Ho-Chunk/Ojibwe, enrolled Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska)


Jennifer Scheper Hughes (UCR)


Ross Frank (UCSD)


California Indian Research Partners  (acting)*

*nominated and pending confirmation 

Chair Valentin Lopez (Amah Mutsun)

Prof. Yve Chavez (Tongva)

Dr. Stan Rodriguez (Santa Ysabel/Kumeyaay)

Dr. Wallace Cleaves (Tongva)

Critical Missions Studies Coordinating Committee

Principal Investigators and the California Indian Research Partners form the Coordinating Committee

CMS California Indian Advisory Board (12-15 members)

Current board members (as of July 2019) include (in alphabetical order): Julia Bogany (Tongva/Gabrielino), Olivia Chilcote (San Luis Rey/Luiseño), Mike Connolly (Campo/Kumeyaay), Jonathan Cordero (Chumash/Ohlone), Oletha Leo (Viejas/Kumeyaay), Merri Lopez-Keifer (San Luis Rey/Luiseño), Deborah Miranda (Ohlone Costanoan Esselen), Angela Mooney D’Arcy (Juaneño/Acjachemen), Rudy Ortega (Tataviam), Louise Ramirez (Ohlone Costanoan Esselen), Tishmal Turner (Rincon/Luiseño), Caroline Ward (Tataviam).

Additional nominations are currently pending confirmation and new nominations are welcome.  Nominations can be emailed to any member of the Board or Coordinating Committee, or can be sent to: CriticalMissionStudies@chicano.ucla.edu