General Instructions and Guidelines

Who can apply:

California Indian tribal nations, CA Indian tribal members, community organizations and non-profits; UC faculty; UC graduate and undergraduate students; and Post-doctoral Fellowship candidates, are eligible to apply for funding support for a wide range of related projects.

Funded projects will be selected to reflect the broad diversity of California Indian peoples: including a diversity of tribal nations and regions of California.

All of those proposals not funded in the first round will be automatically considered for funding in the second round.  The grant coordinating committee will contact those applicants to support a successful revision of the original proposal.

We look to fund a wide diversity of projects with diverse deliverables including (but not limited to): research publications, performances, museum exhibitions or curatorial projects, creation of new curricular materials, preservation projects, the collection and dissemination of new research including oral histories, conducting workshops of various kinds, among others.

All successful CMS research proposals:

  •  make substantial contribution to the history of the missions, or to understanding of the missions today.
  •  incorporate the Research Protocol developed for the CMS grant located in the tab (menu) above.
  •  include an agreed upon plan for publication or other dissemination.
  •  include agreed upon grant “deliverable” or “deliverables” in keeping with the purposes of the grant: a publication, a performance, a museum exhibition, creation of new curricular materials, collection of oral histories, delivery of a workshop, among others.
  •  develop meaningful collaboration between UC and CA Indian research partners if the topic of the proposal relates primarily to CA Indian experiences.
  •  participate in 1 or more grant dissemination activities (conferences, workshops, etc.).

 Strongly Recommended:

It is strongly recommended that applicants reach out to the PIs (email addresses found under “Contact” tab) during the application process to receive feedback toward a successful proposal. The PIs are a resource in the project development process and can assist applicants with all dimensions of the proposal.

Selection Process:

Projects funded through CMS will be selected by ad-hoc selection committees that make recommendations to the Coordinating Committee and Advisory Board. Board members who are proposing projects or are listed as a project member will recuse themselves from the selection process for that grant category.