Selection Process

Selection Process

Projects funded through CMS will be selected by ad-hoc selection committees that make recommendations to the Coordinating Committee and Advisory Board. The Coordinating Committee presents the final selections for CMS Board Approval.

Each ad-hoc selection committee is composed of:

1 UC co-PI

1 CA Indian Research Partner

2 Advisory Board members

2 Additional members appointed by the Coordinating Committee.

Postdoctoral Fellowships funded by CMS will be selected by an ad-hoc committee made up of UC faculty due to confidentiality requirements. The proposed names of the ad-hoc committee will be provided to the Board for review.

Conflict of interest rules apply to all ad-hoc selection committee members. Applicants for specific grants may not also serve on the ad-hoc selection committee for that grant category.

Conflict of interest rules apply to all CMS Board members. Board members who apply for grants may not serve in the review or selection process at any stage for the grants in the category for which they have applied and will recuse themselves from the board approval process for that grant category.